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Special machine components developed by GST, both inside and outside the machine, facilitate work and secure the process. Because it’s the inner values that count, these core components are developed by GST and implemented in the machines.


GST Automatisation

Automatisation adapted to the machine system, incl. loader, cleaning station and conveyor belt.


  • GST or gantry loader possible
  • Incl. CNC gripper
  • Integrated into the machine concept
  • Also possible as Clean Factory solution with 2 linear units

Shifting of assemblies

  • At type changeover, for automatic quick changeover of table top assemblies (steady rest, measuring instruments, workpiece supports).
  • Integrated in the machine control system – workpiece management of different parts incl. individual positions of the tabletop assemblies.

Cleaning station

  • Direct loading from the machine by GST loader
  • Integrated in machine control system

Conveyor belt

  • For the transport of workpieces before and after machining

Electric slide


Developed by GST for machine tools. Primarily used as a measuring instrument slide, but can also be used for other special applications.

Compact electro-mechanical NC linear unit: Ideal for use in the most difficult conditions in grinding machines

  • Freely programmable movements and stop positions
  • Driven by servo motor with absolute encoder
  • Fast movement, high positioning and repeat accuracy
  • Linear bearings, backlash-free ball screw, Grease lubrication for life
  • Free from compressed air (sealing air) and hydraulics

Rotating tailstock insert

Rotierender Reitstockeinsatz

An ideal solution for precise true running of the clamped workpiece. This technology, specially developed by GST, is one of the core elements of the GST machine and offers a perfect alternative to a revolving centre point.

Technical data on the revolving tailstock insert developed by GST

  • Significantly higher stability and minimum projection
  • Preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings
  • Can be used for both directions of rotation
  • High clamping forces can be achieved
  • Backlash-free mount in the base body due to tapered seat
  • Grease lubrication for life
  • Possibility of speed query by means of initiator (workpiece rotation monitoring)
  • Insert also available without bearing for the use of fixed centres (interchangeable)


GST Spindeln

In order to meet the highest demands, GST has developed its own motorised grinding and dressing spindles. These are perfectly suitable for GST machines, but also for machines from other manufacturers.

GST Motor spindles

Technical data:

  • Grinding spindle with Siemens kit motor, spindle power 10-72 kW, 12-200Nm water-cooled
  • Preloaded precision angular ball bearing (hybrid bearing) with air-oil lubrication
  • Maximum speed 10.000 1/min
  • Designed for tool weights of 20-200kg
  • Incl. toothed wheel encoder for control and speed monitoring
  • Can be used for both directions of rotation
  • Tool holder designed as backlash-free short taper, customised holding fixtures possible
  • Attachment option for automatic balancing system
  • Optional for lower speeds with grease lubrication
  • Can be optionally equipped with various sensors (bearing monitoring)
  • Grinding wheel adapter for concentricity adjustment possible as accessory

GST Dressing spindles

Technical data:

Dressing spindle with cylindrical housing Ø 120mm for use in customised spindle carrier, or

Dressing spindle designed as a block spindle

  • Media supply via the spindle housing
  • Dressing spindle with Siemens kit motor, spindle power 7.4kW, 4.5Nm water-cooled
  • Preloaded precision angular ball bearing (hybrid bearing) with lifetime grease lubrication
  • Maximum speed 16,000 1/min
  • Incl. toothed wheel encoder for control and speed monitoring
  • Can be used for both directions of rotation
  • Tool holder also possible on both sides
  • Attachment option for incision detection integrated in the spindle

Spindle repair

GST offers repair and overhaul services for all spindle types (including those from other manufacturers) – incl. test run on the in-house spindle test bench.


GST Tablet

The GSTablet offers the option to centrally manage several GST machines, as well as to equip machines of other makes and to integrate them into the system.

  • Access to all required data within seconds by identifying and recording individual machine components via QR code
  • Simple, intuitive user interface for quick storage of data, photos & videos
  • Industry standard with a high resistance to dropping, knocks, shocks, dust, liquids and high temperature fluctuation
  • Light & handy with powerful performance
GST Tablet

Grinding wheel handling

To make everyday work easier, various aids for handling grinding wheels have been designed. So that everything runs smoothly not only inside but also outside!

Grinding wheel lifting and turning device

This load lifting device is used to facilitate the mounting and removing of a grinding wheel (on/from grinding spindles, wheel changing devices, wheel trolleys, wheel magazines, etc.). In addition this lifting device can be used to transport grinding wheels over short distances.

GST Schleifscheiben Handling

SchleifscheibenwagenGrinding wheel trolley

The grinding wheel trolley is used to pick-up and transport the flange-mounted wheels from the set-up place to the grinding machine. It has two fixed and two steerable castors for flexible movement, and is manually operated. There are two height-adjustable mandrels, one of which is used for holding the new and the other for holding the used grinding wheel. Adjustment is effected by means of a manually operated hydraulic pump. The grinding wheels are removed from the transport trolley by means of the wheel changing and lifting device.

Wheel changing device

This device is used for loading and unloading the flanged grinding wheels into and from the machine. Is firmly bolted to the machine bed, adjustable in height and manually operated.

GST Schleifscheibenwechselhilfe