Our technologies

GST supplies grinding machines for external as well as for the combination with internal cylindrical grinding. Different grinding wheels (external and internal) can be used simultaneously.

External cylindrical grinding

External cylindrical grinding

Internal cylindrical grinding

Vitrified or electro-plated CBN grinding wheels as well as corundum grinding wheels can be used in GST machines. Je Depending on the particular task, different grinding wheels can be used simultaneously in one machine.

GST Keramisch

Vitrified CBN


GST Galvanisch

Electro-plated CBN

Automatic cylindricity correction in the machine, adjustable via the machine control system. Possibility to enter in-process or post-process values.


Tailstock with integrated spring and permanent clamping pressure control via piezo element. Integrated in the machine control system.

GST offers individual solutions. According to your requirements, the machine will be designed for use with oil or emulsion. The unit can be planned and installed with a self-contained coolant system to meet your requirements.