Korneuburg’s 9th „Bildungsmeile” at GST

Korneuburger Bildungsmeile bei GST 2023

Korneuburg’s 9th „Bildungsmeile“ brought interested people to GST yet again this year.

Participating companies opened their doors and showed interested pupils the training opportunities of the available apprenticeships within the respective company. The offer was well received at GST – Our visitors were asked what impressions they were able to gather during their visit and what was special about being able to visit a production company on site.

Many conclusive answers were given:
“You see behind the scenes and can get a picture of the field of activity.”
“Lots of times it’s the little things that you see in a company that contribute to your final career choice.”
“It’s the only way to decide for yourself if you feel comfortable in the working environment.”
“You get a first hand observation regarding the atmosphere within the staff and the ways they interact with each other.”

As a training company, we are glad that the annual initiative of the WKO Lower Austria was well received yet again by families and school classes this year and we would like to express our sincere thanks to all participants!

Korneuburger Bildungsmeile 2023 bei GST
Korneuburger Bildungsmeile bei GST 2023