The GST Complete Ex/In CBN grinding machine for cam pieces is currently being put into operation by our service team at the customer’s plant in Dalian. GST service employees train the staff on site.

According to customer requirements, GST designs the turnkey solution, including the design of all necessary ancillary units, parts automation and parts measurement.

This concept ensures successful 3-shift operation with 90% machine utilization.

Additional information:

The machine is loaded and unloaded automatically. The loading process is planned customized to the requirements in the plant.
As a result the machine produceses 3,101 processed parts per day at a cycle time of 22″ and an operation of 22.5 hours/day.

We would be happy to provide you with further information. Feel free to >>contact<< us with your requirements.

Visit GST at IMTEX, Both B110 (H4) and you will get all informations about our latest technologies of high productive CNC Grinders

19th to 25th of January 2023 in Bangalore (India)

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) will organize its flagship international machine tool and manufacturing technology exhibition ‘IMTEX 2023 & Tooltech 2023’ along with Digital Manufacturing at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bangalore from 19th to 25th January 2023.

After participation in IMTEX 2022 was canceled again due to the pandemic, nothing more should stand in the way of participation of the trade fair this year.

GST will be there for the first time with its distributor Proteck Machinery Pvt.Ltd.,

IMTEX today occupies a premier position in exhibition landscape as South and South East Asia’s largest exhibition in machine tool and manufacturing technology. Since its beginning in 1969 in Mumbai it has showcased every change and shift in metalworking technology to enable Indian manufacturers to innovate, reinvent, evolve and stay relevant for their customers.

GST-Single Jet C – A compact powerhouse machine for grinding crankshaft ends of small engines for e.g. Sea doos, quads, etc.

A GST turn-key solution for the serial machining of crankshaft ends was individually built and implemented according to the secondary conditions and successfully put into operation in Mexico.

Kurbelwellen-Enden schleifen
Our colleague José on site at the customer in Querétaro/México

The Single Jet C requires only 4.5m x 4.5m space, but with its 20 tons it is a guarantee for highest precision and quality!

Are you looking for an individually created machine for grinding crankshaft ends? We would be happy to help you!

Kurbelwellen-Enden schleifen

PS: Many thanks to José for the great pictures!

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Ing. Robert Promber
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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

This year from May 17th to 20th the GrindingHub in Stuttgart took place for the first time!

It was a great success and therefore we would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you!

We were there and were able to inform our customers (and hopefully future customers) about our latets products:

The GST+ products are available both individually as equipment for your machine and also fully installed as part of our grinding machines – Our high quality makes the difference!

Furthermore we presented our GST Complete Center Drive machine for the grinding of CVT shafts. We hope that we were able to inspire you in terms of your future grinding tasks!

Do you have further questions? We are always happy to advice you and optimize our machines towards your workpieces and requirements – True to our motto: Grinding made for you.

With machine tool retrofit, we bring your grinding machines, milling machines and lathes back to the state of the art.

High-precision external cylindrical grinding machines and special machines are built individually and according to customer requirements in Sierndorf near Vienna. In addition to our business area of grinding we have also been a “machine retrofitting company” ever since our foundation in 1992!

Retrofit by GST

There are many reasons to bring machines up to date with the latest technology. Current safety regulations can often no longer be met, spare parts can only be obtained with great effort, or production safety is at risk.

The advantages of a Retrofit are obvious: We only renew what needs to be renewed and thus all the still valueable parts remain, creating benefits for not only the environment, but your budget as well in the process.
Our experienced sales technicians are there to help you make the right decision of investing in wether a Retrofit or new machine would be more profitable for you. With respect to your budget and requirements we will breathe new life into your machines!
Machine retrofittings are primarily carried out at our production site, but can also be performed at the customer’s plant if so requested by the customer.

Top-quality, Top-durability, Top-sustainability!

Further information

Do you have specific questions?

Arrange an appointment with us for a free initial consultation without any obligation!

Your contact person

Ing. Robert Promber
Senior Sales Manager
GST Grinder GmbH

Feel free to contact me!

Phone: +43 (0) 2267 / 3250 – 32
Mobile: +43 (0) 650 3250006

Grinding machine – Automation – Cleaning station – Coolant system – Post-processing station, all from a single source

Siemens could not have chosen a better name for their new control system. For GST Grinder Gmbh ‘One’ is the control system for the entire equipment. A wish that came from many machine operators has been fulfilled. Quite often countless industrial PCs are installed in one system. PCs of machine, automation, feed conveyor, cleaning station, post-process measuring station etc. are connected by different interfaces. In addition to the high costs of many systems, the frequency of malfunctions and their troubleshooting is also rather high. In most cases, a component control system contains much more information than is transmitted through an interface to the “head control – machine control system”. But software maintenance of control systems can also confront maintenance departments with unexpected problems. A post-process measuring station that works with a discontinued operating system and is upgraded on the software side only by replacing the hardware can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Automation systems with exotic controls or cleaning stations and coolant systems with small PLCs and hardware interface to the machine control system add to unnecessary complexity, since as well because here as well, any request for improvement or change always has to be made via two control units.

Needless redundancies are eliminated, the result is simplified – true to the principle: as much as necessary, as little as possible

This is why GST Grinder decided years ago to operate the entire system with one control. As a supplier of grinding solutions for large-scale production with very short cycle times and highest production quality, it is crucial to have all system information available. But even for our quick changeover machines, which cover complete part families, automated changeover is only possible with access to the complete system.

Step by step, in-house systems were developed to achieve this goal.

Machine-integrated automation for the quickest possible workpiece changeover allows shorter distances and optimised processes for each workpiece type and at the same time is much more cost-effective than external systems such as gantries or robots. The hardware and PLC programs for the control of external coolant systems and cleaning stations have been in use very successfully for many years and contribute to the understanding of the entire manufacturing process.

Research and development for a perfect grinding process:

As the latest product in this series, an optical post-process measuring station has been developed which is completely integrated into the machine control. There is no longer any need for costly mechanical changeover of the measuring station. All measurement data and information are stored in programmes. Only the cleaning of the workpieces must be ensured to enable the optical measurement. The demands on a PPMS are more than fulfilled. Programs for measuring equipment capability, machine correction, external data transfer and statistics are displayed on the machine control or, if required, on an additional monitor on the machine. But One not only applies to control technology. Mechanical assemblies that are responsible for the required manufacturing qualities are also GST’s own designs. Examples include:

Grinding spindles up to 100 kW with built-in motor, dressing spindles with one or two truing wheels, workpiece spindle systems with up to 4000 rpm or designed as C-axis, driving via centre points by the left and right workpiece spindle, workpiece clamping system by an NC-axis with variable clamping pressure adjustment – even during the process, electric measuring device slide, rotating centre point as tailstock insert, etc.


Leading through knowledge – the future of grinding is digital

One is the understanding of the collective whole, well-coordinated assemblies and processes that ensure quality and cycle time. Only those who know the options for intervention and the variants of the machine assemblies can always turn a wheel somewhere in order to improve quality or cycle time. Because there is no doubt that the future of grinding technology is also digital. Excellent knowledge of its assemblies and processes will make this major task easier. In doing so, GST Grinder GmbH clearly opposes the trend to install the cheapest possible assemblies from Asia or the East in their machines.

New brand “GST+” also a PLUS for other machine tools

On the contrary, with the GST+ brand, GST Grinder GmbH will offer assemblies and products that are especially suitable for retrofitting and upgrading grinding machines of any type. These products, specially developed for large-scale production and machines which can be quickly refitted, can be used in combination, but also “stand-alone”.Manufacturing quality can only be ensured through the precision of each individual assembly. From start to finish.

GST has developed a wide range of highly productive machines for the serial grinding of CVT gear components, entirely flexible and focused on customer requirements. Leading manufacturers already use our machines in continuous operation.


In 2019 our production site in Sierndorf was upgraded to technology‘s latest state of the art in order to provide an ecologically sustainable way of thinking that already begins inside the production hall.

To reduce the environmental impact and emissions of our machines, our production hall was built in an environmentally friendly manner and a large number of optimization measures have been taken to reduce emissions.

One for all, all for one!

In order to produce sustainably each of our employees must adhere to our company’s guiding principle:

We are committed to the constant improvement of our products and processes, as well as to the constant improvement of our quality and environmental performance. Therefore the economical use of natural resources, energy and water is just as important as the responsible management of chemicals and hazardous substances. Environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and waste as well as pollution of water quality are reduced as far as possible. Every GST employee must do their part in order to achieve this.

What else do we do?

GST machines are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is the only way to guarantee our customers sustainability for the entire life cycle of their GST machine!
In order to guarantee the longest service life possible, GST machines must meet the highest quality standards and offer the possibility to be customized towards new requirements such as retooling or the equipment of new workpieces.
Through innovative concepts our machines are manufactured pneumatic- and hydraulic-free, resulting in a much more energy-saving production process!

With our highly convertible machines we can match even the most complex requirements!

When machines are allowed to go back home after many years of use, they are completely overhauled beforehand. The CEO of GST Grinder GmbH, Günter Hacker, describes this retooling as: “It’s like model making, only in large format”. In this article we take a look behind the scenes of retooling using the example of a grinding machine in automobile production. GST will soon be preparing this machine. Read more