In the course of the “NÖ Bildungsmeile 2021” GST invited all students who are interested in apprenticeships.

Visitors were able to take a peek behind the curtain and get answers to various questions concerning our company and potential career possibilities at GST!

We would like to thank every one of our guests and hope to see them again in the near future!

Apprenticeship at GST:


In 2019 our production site in Sierndorf was upgraded to technology‘s latest state of the art in order to provide an ecologically sustainable way of thinking that already begins inside the production hall.

To reduce the environmental impact and emissions of our machines, our production hall was built in an environmentally friendly manner and a large number of optimization measures have been taken to reduce emissions.

One for all, all for one!

In order to produce sustainably each of our employees must adhere to our company’s guiding principle:

We are committed to the constant improvement of our products and processes, as well as to the constant improvement of our quality and environmental performance. Therefore the economical use of natural resources, energy and water is just as important as the responsible management of chemicals and hazardous substances. Environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and waste as well as pollution of water quality are reduced as far as possible. Every GST employee must do their part in order to achieve this.

What else do we do?

GST machines are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is the only way to guarantee our customers sustainability for the entire life cycle of their GST machine!
In order to guarantee the longest service life possible, GST machines must meet the highest quality standards and offer the possibility to be customized towards new requirements such as retooling or the equipment of new workpieces.
Through innovative concepts our machines are manufactured pneumatic- and hydraulic-free, resulting in a much more energy-saving production process!

With our highly convertible machines we can match even the most complex requirements!

When machines are allowed to go back home after many years of use, they are completely overhauled beforehand. The CEO of GST Grinder GmbH, Günter Hacker, describes this retooling as: “It’s like model making, only in large format”. In this article we take a look behind the scenes of retooling using the example of a grinding machine in automobile production. GST will soon be preparing this machine. Read more